Progressive Bingo Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are always a great feature at online bingo websites and Wink Bingo has got two of them in play, but one of them is more recognisable and bigger than the other. This would be their 75 ball progressive jackpot game which is more commonly known by Wink Bingo members as the ‘Money ball’ jackpot. This is a game where you can be in the chance of winning more money then what the game you purchased bingo tickets for offered – most of the time the Moneyball jackpot is even greater then you chosen games jackpot.

Basically to win this jackpot you must have all 12 ‘slots’ covered on the Money ball pattern card within 34 calls, but don’t worry if you don’t as you’ll still have a chance of winning the jackpot for your chosen game, whatever it may be.

The only good thing amount the progressive jackpot not being won is the fact that the more times it’s not won, the more the jackpot amount increases s by, so by the time it is won it could be into the thousand or more!

How great would that be? But when a lucky player does snag the Money ball cash prize it will resort back to its beginning cash amount which is a total of £250, so now we know for definite that whenever this fun jackpot is won there’ll be £250 guaranteed!

From the hour of 7pm until midnight every night, Wink Bingo will be playing this jackpot at 3 different points every hour – those times are as followed:

  • 15 minutes past the hour
  • 30 minutes past the hour
  • 45 minutes past the hour

Those are the times from 7pm onwards, but they’ll also be playing the Money ball at random times at their online bingo site, throughout the day to so keep your eyes peeled for some progressive jackpot fun in daylight.

Plus if you enjoy this 75 ball bingo style ‘progressive jackpot’ that Wink Bingo has got going on you’ll enjoy their 90 ball version of the game too.