How to get Free Bingo Money

The game of bingo has been around for many years. It is a great way to socialise and make a bit of extra cash both offline at one of the many bingo halls around the country, or in an online bingo site. With the boom of online gaming, there is a wealth of different bingo sites to choose from, many with some great bonuses and cash prizes.

You do not always have to start a game with money, however. Not only are there a great number of free online bingo sites, some of them offer great cash bonuses for regular players. Signing up to one of these sites is easy. Once you have chosen which bingo room you want to play in, simply create a username and password and verify it via your email address, you are ready to play. On the free sites you start by using ‘fun money’, so there is no pressure of winning or losing any real cash.

Depending on which site you sign up to, the chat room is an invaluable place to take part in bonus games and get tips from other players on how to get some free bingo money. You may also find shorter games running alongside the main games where you can win cash prizes or bonuses whilst you wait for the numbers in the main games to be called.

The exact amount of free money you might get in a free online bingo room depends on the particular promotion on that website. A lot of the sites will offer the free money as a fraction of the initial amount a player has put down in a paying game.

The free money offered on some online bingo games is basically an incentive to draw more people to the website, but it is well worth taking advantage of to get off to a good start in the game.