Guaranteed Bingo Games

If you’re a member with the online bingo site Wink Bingothen you’ll know all about those cash jackpot guaranteed bingo games that are constantly being played on a daily basis. Although the cash amounts for these jackpots vary and so does the bingo style, they all play at the same time each and every week without delay.

So if you give them all a test through one week, you can find out which ones you prefer and class them as your favourites – the great thing about that is the fact that you’ll always know when and where they’ll be taking place, plus how much money you’ll need in you bingo account to purchase tickets for your preferred games at the best free bingo sites.

Now every single day of the week, 888 Ladies Bingo will be playing a series of bingo games that include both the guaranteed jackpot style and the coverall jackpot style, all mixed together in a big block from the hour of 4pm until the hour of 11pm. But don’t forget about all those progressive jackpots that will be taking place at random times throughout the day, every day either!

From Monday to Friday Wink Bingo will be playing the following same jackpots and the same time for each day:

4pm game – £100 up for grabs guaranteed
7pm game – £300 up for grabs guaranteed (plus this game is completely free!)

Weekends are always more fun and adventurous and 888 Ladies wanted to be the same, so that’s why instead of a £300 guaranteed jackpot prize for the 7pm game, where it doesn’t cost you a penny to get involved with, they are going to be nudging that amount up to a grand £500 guaranteed prize for both Saturday and Sunday! So every weekend at their online bingo site you could be the winner of £500 and it wouldn’t have cost you a penny – what have you got to lose!