Gala Bingo

The Gaia Bingo website can appear like a casino when guests first arrive online. Its graphics are bright and move around the screen, with promotions and offers flashing. One thing constantly flashing on this online bingo website is its list of winners. Members of the website, who have recently won money, appear on the bottom of the screen along with an eye catching avatar, screen name and details of the room they were playing in and amount won.

Gaia Bingo has join up promotions that include £20 in free play for new members. The site also has a Battle of the Clubs promotion and a tennis themed promotion where “aces” of various amounts are up for grabs. Promotions can be easily found as they flash onto the screen.

Gaia Bingo has a number of different bingo games available. Golden Balls is based on the popular TV show and requires players to keep the cash while kicking out the killer balls. Bingo Fever caters to the fast paced bingo enthusiast; there is no waiting around for rooms to fill with this game, the action begins instantly.

Like many bingo sites, players can join in games and win real money. However, Gaia Bingo also has a community element to it, referring to itself as a “club”. In addition to the games, there is a chat section where members can chat with moderators, play chat games, learn chat lingo like “afk” and “bbl,” or simply chat with other members. Chat games are typically simpler than bingo. They are more geared toward games like quiz trivia, word games, riddles, name that tune and similar games.

This community element, with its additional games adds value to the membership players have to purchase before they can play and provides and extra layer of interaction that some other bingo sites do not incorporate.

Gaia Bingo is part of Gaia Coral Group, a company in Europe that is also the leading gaming operator in that area. This site is the number one online bingo operator in the UK. There are more than 175 clubs and five million members raking in £28 million pounds in bingo prizes every week.