Free Bingo Sites

Let’s face it, we all love a bargain and the bargain deal we love the best is the one that is completely free, yes you’ve got it – free bingo! We just can’t help, who can resist that overwhelmed feeling of winning a lovely cash prize for the price of nothing; when it comes to Bingo I don’t think there is a feeling that can beat that one.

So wouldn’t you love to be part of some free bingo sites, where its main focus is free bingo? Well if yes is your answer to that question then the online bingo site of Wink Bingo is the place you want to be.

Now this online site has got a total of 6 bingo rooms that consist of only free bingo jackpots! That’s 6 bingo rooms! So no doubt there will always be a free bingo game you can get involved with when you sign into their site, but which you decide to go into is entirely your decision – though the outcome won’t be any different as they all offer free jackpots, lots of fun, a friendly community and the chance to win some cash. What more can you ask for?

Here are 4 out of the 6 free bingo rooms available at their online site:


The BIG FREEBIE room is usually the room that offers the highest amount of cash in the jackpot, so if you’re looking to win big and don’t mind waiting a bit longer for the game to begin then that room is the perfect room for you. But, just because this online site’s main focus is keeping their members happy and free bingo, don’t forget about all their over games that are on offer.

Yes free bingo is great but so are games where the ticket prices are next to nothing, that’s 1p and 2p bingo games – Wink Bingo offer so many bargains at their online bingo site that is there is no reason to refuse a game they play!