Bingo Lingo

If you’re new to the bingo world then you may find it a bit of a struggle to get into the gist of things, especially the language that a lot of the free online bingo sites players use – well they like to call it ‘Bingo Lingo’ and it is literally like another form of language; people use it so much that the government may even think about making it a compulsory subject in school! That’s just a joke, but it’s to pick up and with this little guide you should be good to go in no time!

Now when the bingo caller calls out numbers he/she usually says some kind of funny name before actually announcing the number, but don’t worry their not just a bunch of fools trying to be funny there is actually a purpose for all of those silly names and some of those are included in the following selection.

  • Kelly’s eye = number 1 (named after a gangster named Ned Kelly who had just one eye)
  • One little duck = number 2 (the actual outline of the number2 looks like a swan)
  • Doctor’s orders = number 9 (in WW1 there was a pill named ‘number 9’ & given out by army docs)
  • Dancing Queen = number 17 (taken from Abba song ‘young and sweet, only 17’)
  • Thee and me = number 23 (‘the lord is my shepherd refers to Psalm 23 in Bible)
  • Those famous steps = number 39 (‘The 39 steps’ – a classic spy novel)
  • PC = number 49 (in the 40s/50s there was a famous radio station called PC49)
  • Heinz varieties = number 57 (Heinz company has ‘historically’ made 57 different products)
  • Trombones = number 76 (a musical piece usually played at parades called ‘76 trombones’)

So that’s just a selection of what the number quotes mean, but you can always find out the rest by chatting with the bingo community of an online bingo site – by doing that you’ll also pick up on bingo talk to, so now you’ve been clued in a bit your ready to face the big, wide bingo world!